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Butterfly Woman

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Butterfly Woman’s Radio Show Gallery & Shop  Contact Discovery Journeys Welcome to Love Wisdom Power- Paths to Wholeness. We invite you to enter the sacred circle and join us in the Wheel of Life. We are honored to be here with you at this moment of awakening. As we look out at the world around us we can see so much potential for greater love, harmony and understanding about life in all areas of existence. Many of us are striving and seeking to find ways to heal ourselves, our relationship to each other, our garden, our homes, our animals, our Earth, our water and now even our air. Today, our very breath is being impacted by our choices. We often stand alone feeling unable to resolve the level of challenges we see in our world. We believe the key is the Nexus. Together we can grow and change so much that needs our care and attention. The very next step you take could change everything in our world because you are important and you matter to us all. Choosing to learn and grow with each other is vital to how well we thrive as a self and a community. We especially see a need to support and encourage youth. Our young people are carrying the codes for the new systems. They represent the fresh perspective we need right now to bring about greater changes. We believe they are our greatest untapped resource. We invite you to join us in the Wheel of Life to deepen your own purpose. For Life is calling us all to Awaken! ﷯